All of the features for the Math Slicer mobile math app by Thumbstorm

Read on for the full list of features in our mobile math app.  These features have grown and will continue to grow as we release updates.  We love to hear success stories from parents, children, and teachers about how Math Slicer has promoted learning in math.  So if you have had a good experience or even some suggestions on how to improve the game, please rate and review us on whichever app marketplace you’ve downloaded from.

Features that create an educational environment to promote math learning through a fun, intuitive, engaging, and memorable experience.

Main Menu and Types of Math Problems

You can choose to start practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.


Each of the above mathematical selections contains a choice of which number you’d like to focus on. For example: if you choose the option 1+?, every math problem will be a randomly selected number between 0-9 added to 1.


math-slicer-speed-settingsSpeed options:

You can select from 3 levels of speed based on grade level:

  • Slow (Kindergarten to 2nd grade)
  • Fast (3rd grade plus)
  • Graduate (Warp Speed)

These are just suggested speeds for each grade level, the main goal is to start wherever you feel most comfortable and increase from there.


Upgrading in the Math Slicer Store

math-slicer-store-iconIn the store you can upgrade your gaming experience by using the eggs you’ve earned (our app’s version of currency) to purchase various items.

The items you can upgrade:

  • Slicers
    • Not only can you upgrade the look of your slicer, but you can upgrade to a slicer that will double your chances to earn eggs and points.


  • Backgrounds
    • You can change the in-game background image, each background comes with its own music.
  • Helpers
    • There are 2 different helpers for those difficult math problems.
      • math-slicer-kids-app-slowSlow Motion - slows game play allowing extra time to answer the problem
      • kids-math-app-targetLock-on-Answer - displays a target around the correct answer

Math Slicer Gameplay

Each math problem will be displayed in the middle of the app screen. Depending on the speed setting you chose in the main menu, you will have a certain amount of time before the 2 answer options are sent flying through the scene.


You must make your decision quickly to determine which answer correctly solves the math problem and slice it with your finger.

If you slice the correct answer you will gain 100 points + the value of the number sliced. You will also multiply your score by every consecutive correctly answered math problem.

Earning Eggs


Keep an eye on the “Bonus Egg Meter” on the right side of the screen. When the meter is full
and blinking, then answering correctly will send an egg flying upwards from the same spot you swiped the answer to the math problem. To get the egg you must slice it the same way you do the numbers.

It takes 3 correct math problems answered in a row to produce a bonus egg. If your answer is incorrect or you just received an egg, the meter will then reset itself.

The star system

  • math-slicer-phone-app-stars- 1 star for completing the level.
  • math-slicer-phone-app-starsmath-slicer-phone-app-stars- 2 stars for getting all answers correct
  • math-slicer-phone-app-starsmath-slicer-phone-app-starsmath-slicer-phone-app-stars- 3 stars for getting all answers correct and slicing all 5 bonus eggs


Bonus Blitz

If at the end of the level you have all 5 bonus eggs, you will enter the bonus round. In the Bonus Blitz round you can slice everything you see. Numbers will fly through the screen, slice them and get points worth their value. Eggs will also appear here, the more eggs you have, the more upgrades and helpers you can buy.


We know this fun app will quickly become the best tool for your child to strengthen basic math skills, download it for free from one of the links below and see for yourself. Also, don’t forget to check out the Math Slicer video.