Math Slicer is the best math learning game for kids.

We must all admit that flashcards while being a very effective educational tool for learning basic math skills are just plain boring. Have you ever heard a child say, “Mom can I play with some flashcards?”. Not likely. The Math Slicer app is a fun math game designed to keep the child wanting to play over and over again which ensures repetition of math facts.

Learning with fun math games like Math Slicer creates a more effective, memorable experience than traditional methods.

flash-card-01 flash-card-02 flash-card-03   flash-card-bad

Basic math needs to become an instinct for the child.  Flashcards did a great job making kids see the same math problem multiple times forcing a visual imprint of each answer on a plain white card with black text.  Math Slicer will train the child to make a split second decision with bright colors and fun interaction, still creating that visual imprint, but one that is more in-depth and exciting.

math-slicer-chalkboard math-number-sliced

Whether your child needs to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, this math app is sure to be their favorite educational game on your tablet or phone. It’s not just for beginners, our user’s are in pre-school, kindergarten, and 1st grade on up.

Get rewarded for swiping the correct answer.

Use your spoils to get new backgrounds, upgrade your slicers, and helpers for those harder problems. If you answer all math problems correctly and swipe all bonus eggs, your in game currency, then you advance to the “Bonus Blitz” round. In the Bonus round you can swipe everything in sight to gain bonus points and extra eggs. Checkout all Math Slicer game features.